Shrink Wrapping for Transportation

Whether you are transporting your asset by low-loader, trailer or as deck freight it will become exposed to the elements, environmental factors and other hazards.

Shrink wrapping will provide the following benefits:

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We advise for boats travelling long distances that cargo netting be fitted.  It is not expensive if we supply and fit it and stops the shrink wrap from "balooning" if the shrink wrap was to be torn by a tree etc en route.

The two photos below show a 42' Fairline Targa prepared for a 4-5 week journey to the Phillipines.

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shrink wrapped cargo on a low loader shrink wrapped with cargo netting
A low loader with its shrink wrapped cargo Cargo netting offers extra protection
Fairline Targa 42 foot shrink wrapped and ready for transportation a car shrink wrapped will arrive clean
Fairline Targa shrink wrapped for delivery Remember we don't just shrink wrap boats - here's a car