Marine Shrink Wrapping

Whether you are a boat owner, a ship builder, a marine broker or involved in transporting boats, motor vehicles, aircraft, industrial products and other precious assets - then we may be of service to you.
As one of the longest established companies in the shrink wrapping business we have the expertise to keep your boat or other items looking good and maintaining their value.


+44 (0)788 901 5526 

We don't just do shrink wrapping...
we supply it too!

Marine Shrink Wrapping have been providing their shrink wrapping services since 1986 but now are also retailing shrink wrapping film to the trade and public.

As well as selling shrink wrapping film, we also sell scaffold grade shrink wrapping, zip access doors, repair tape and polyprop rope.


  • 30 mtr x 12 mtr 250 mu £300.00
  • 30 mtr x 12 mtr 200 mu £280.00
  • 40 mtr x 10 mtr 220 mu £260.00
  • 50 mtr x 8 mtr 200 mu £250.00
  • 60 mtr x 6 mtr 200 mu £200.00
  • Woven strapping 19mm x 640 mtr £45.00
  • Repair tape 30 mtr x 100 mm £6.00 per roll
  • 30 mtr x 150 mtr £15.00 per roll
  • Zip access doors 2' wide x 3' high £12.00 or 2' wide x 4'6" high £15.00
  • Heat guns in stock - new and recon units



07889 015526


one of our shrink wrap vehicles an example of a yacht that we shrink wrapped with cargo netting shrink wrap film
One of our mobile shrink wrap vehicles A Shrink wrapped yacht with netting Shrink wrap film rolls
we even shrink wrap warships shrink wrapped airplane en route to the Paris air show shrink wrap heat gun
Here is one of the corvette warships we shrinkwrapped! A shrink wrapped leisure boat with zip access door A shrink wrap heat gun