About Us - by Martyn Cox, Founder

When I started the business in 1986 there was little interest in shrink wrapping nor in polythene tenting.  Some people laughed at the idea and on one occassion I even had the door slammed in my face!  Whereas the practice was commonplace across the Atlantic, shrink wrapping boats was slow to catch on in the UK.  I was about to advertise the polythene for sale when I received a telephone call from a chap who wanted me to shrink wrap his 50' boat afloat so that he could continue his deck repairs during the winter.  We agreed a price of £300 and I began work.

Moored in front was an 80' luxury yacht having a refit afloat.  The owner had just spent £6,000 on a temporary frame with a canvas cover and the men working on the refit laughed at me struggling with the cover all by myself but I completed this first job in seven days before bad weather set in.  A force 8/9 storm raged for two days and I half-expected a call from my client.  Instead I received a call from owner of the 80' luxury yacht as their canvas cover had blown off!  My business then took off too!

Since 1986, we have shrink wrapped small and large vessels - even warships - and provide complimentary services such as tenting and containment.  Our expertise in our field has earned us international recognition and we have trained French, Americans, Australians and Norwegians in our trade.

Our company is accredited with the Loss Prevention Certification Board .  Please feel free to contact me for a quote.


We industrial application of shrink wrapping a scaffold
Qatar 56m fast strile Corsair warship that we shrink wrapped Framed scaffold with shrink wrap
Shrink wrapped ship for repair with access door shrink wrapped and netted for transportation
Shrink wrapped frame for repair work Shrink wrapped and cargo net for added protection